How We Do It

Astron Infotech’s Unique Development process integrates product management, architectural design, engineering, and user interface design into a seamless, iterative, and agile methodology that ensures fast development while responding quickly to changing user requirements. Quantum is a highly flexible development process and provides continuous feedback on the project’s progress through a completely transparent and open reporting system.

Every few weeks, user requirements are reviewed with the client and prioritized by product and project management. The project architects, creative designers, and engineers then work on the tasks, updating the status daily. At the end of the specific period, a fully functional bug-free product release is completed that meets the agreed upon requirements. Unlike traditional software product development – you will be able to see, touch (actually install on your mobile device and try out!) and feel the product on a regular basis.

The Development process starts with a conceptual agreement between the client and Astron Infotech about the goals for the project with a target delivery time and cost goal. Unlike a typical consulting project where requirements are locked and a scope of work is difficult to change mid-stream, the agile process reevaluates requirements at every cycle. This way, a project can easily change mid-course to accommodate end user feedback and new business requirements. These regular opportunities for you to review the progress and make corrections ensure your complete satisfaction with the project and guarantee that the mobile software application we deliver will be exactly what you want.